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1.) Kinds of material used:

  • a.) Nylon multifilament
  • b.) Nylon monofilament
  • c.) Polyethylene

2.) Count

To indicate the thickness of the net we use the following:

  • a.) Count of yarn expressed in denier for multifilament nets.
  • b.) In mm of diameter for monofilament nets.
  • c.) Number of plies or strands that make up the twine.

3.) Mesh Size (Knot Size)

Two ways to indicate mesh size:

  • a.) Stretched Mesh in Inch, indicating the distance from the center of one knot to that of an opposite knot in stretched state of net.
  • Ex. Knot 7
  • b.) Half mesh in millimeter, indicating the distance from the center
  • of one knot to that of the adjacent knot. This is called "square mesh".

4.) Depth of the Net

Usually , Depth of net is indicated by:

  • a.) Number of mesh, (as 200 MD/100 MD)
  • b.) Feet/Meters

5.) Length of the Net

  • a.) In meters.

6.) Selvage (Guarding Mesh)

All our net have selvages on both sides and its made of the same material as that of the body net.

  • a.) Black twine selvage for multifilament nets. (both sides)
  • b.) Monofilament line for monofilament nets. (both sides)

7.) Type of knot

  • a.) Single Knot for Multifilment nets.
  • b.) Double knot for Monofilament nets.
  • c.) Single Knot for Polyethylene nets.

8.) Colors

  • a.) Maroon, Black and Green for multifilament net
  • b.) Green only polyethylene net

9.) Stretching

  • a.) Lengthway


Mag-ingat sa Pagbili ng Pekeng Lambat na PAMO

Beware of Fake Nets

Mga sumusunod na paraan sa pagbili ng original na PAMO

Here are ways on how to make sure that you're buying an Original PAMO

  1. 1. Ang "SELVAGE" o bawat gilid ng PAMO NET ay black o itim.

    Make sure the Selvage on the side is black.

  2. 2. Ang "TAG" nito ay may babala sa likuran at may pirma sa itaas.

    Its tag has a warning at the back and a signature at the top.

  3. 3. May nakalagay na "STICKER" sa magkabilang dulo ng lambat

    There are signed stickers on both sides of the net.