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Over the past few years, Pamo Corporation has been investing in innovation and technology. We have expanded our factory capacity and have invested in new automated machines that are better and more cost effective. Armed with decades of experience and know how, our production cycle has achieved superiority in manufacturing and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

In addition, we have an impressive team of specialized technicians, a skilled workforce and considerable financial muscle to enable our company to adapt to the ever changing environment and to the evolving needs of our customers.

To remain the market leader in the industry, we directly control our production line. We only source and utilize the best raw materials possible. These undergo strict quality control and scrutiny to ensure that the products delivered are of the highest standard.

In recent years, we have also invested to make our packing service faster. We are now stocking finished and semi-finished products to be readily available in various colors depending on specific customer needs.

Our company will continue to strive, enabling us to deliver the best product possible to our ever expanding customers. Above all, we expect to be a credit to the communities we serve, both satisfying the needs of our fishermen and allowing our dedicated dealers to grow and prosper.

We look forward to working with you hand in hand!